Move Language


Welcome to learn the Move language! This course is divided into three lessons in total.

In the first lesson, we will learn common concepts in programming languages, and discover how they're implemented in Move. By learning about these concepts, you can gain an understanding to support development in any programming language. In the final quiz, you will be able to complete a move module.

In the second lesson, we will learn the core concept in Move - Resources. We will learn how to define and create resources, and give resources different abilities to help us understand how they are stored and used in the blockchain. In the final quiz, you will complete a token module almost independently.

In the last lesson, we will learn more advanced concepts in Move. We will implement a custom data type - String. In the final quiz, you will complete a non-fungible token module.

IMCODING Interactive Playground is an interactive playground to learn many programming languages, especially including programming languages for blockchain, such as Solidity and Move. While you are taking this course, you can experiment writing Move Code before you install the language locally. You can interact with the code, even if you don't have the Move compiler.